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By C.S.E & Jester

Chapter 3:

Sax leaned against the wall next to the stone door Isabel was behind. She glared at any being giving her a funny look.

“Sax…I don’t understand why you are concerned about her, she’s only a nameless,” Jeven sighed.

The female glared at him, “She is young Jeven, too young to be a nameless.”

“But she is old enough to marry, why deal with her?”

“You expect me to leave her there?”

Jeven sighed, “Sax, you’ve seen the other nameless. They are in the same shape as her.”

“She is different! Can you not feel it?”

“I think you need to-”

He was cut off when the door opened and the Wind demon walked out causing Sax to stand straighter. She cleaned her bloody hands with a thin cloth, “She is fine. I had to reopen some wounds to drain infection. Her fever broke only just a moment ago. This young demon is strong.”

“So she will live?” Sax asked lowly.

“Yes, if she avoids infections to that level she will live a very young life. You may see her if you wish, before Vince decides to pay a visit.”

Sax needed no further instruction, she rushed into the room.

Isabel lay on the bed with a simple robe to hide her modesty. Several bandages adorned her body. Her skin was a pale white in comparison to the near black it had been, all traces of blood and dirt gone. Blond hair was silky and no longer caked with dry mud and grime. It seemed the healer was companionate enough to clean her as she worked.

Jeven walked in slowly after Sax, tilting his head to the side when he looked at Isabel. She was so different than when he carried her in. Instead of the violent shaking in his arms she was at peace.

“She’s spent a lot of time in her human form; even her horns don’t come out when she’s in distress…” Sax looked her over.

Jeven crossed his arms, “There she is healed, now what do we do with her?”

“I want to-”

Sax was cut off by the door slamming open and a tall male Fire Demon storm in to the room. He had large horns on his head protruding out of his skull, pointing behind him. A snarl donned his face, “Sax! What is this I hear about you bringing a stranger into our halls?”

“Vince, she was injured!” Sax turned to him.

“I do not care; even if she was injured she can’t be trusted! She could be a spy for all you know. You are to companionate!”

“I doubt even the Karan would let a Demon just of marrying age contract an infection just to get into our base.”

Both demons stood nose to nose at this point. Anger could be felt in the air as fire on the walls flickered and the room became heavy with moisture. Jeven stood in front of the prone Isabel, he may not know her but he’ll be damned if she was accidently hurt.

“Vince!” a gruff voice shouted behind the fire Demon, causing him to snap straight.

The fire Demon turned around quickly, facing a larger fire Demon with large horns several trinkets hanging from them. His face was scarred and withered, a burn showing on his neck. A necklace with many tablets hung from his neck.

Vince swallowed thickly, “Abraham.”

“We do not reject those in need, we would be no better than those who wish harm to those we want to protect,” the older Demon walked over to Isabel. “We shall get her story when she wakes, for now we wait.”

“Of course…”

Sax watched Vince smugly as he stalked out of the room. Her face turned neutral when Abraham raised his eyebrow at her.

“Sorry,” She mumbled walking back to Isabel.

Abraham pulled the red robe on his shoulders closer to himself, “It is okay, but I would not suggest pushing Vince. He is my second in command for a reason. His views may be harsh but he is a good Demon. For now we worry about this young Demon.”


Isabel could here muffled voices speak around her; they spoke in low hushed tones. She could not tell what was being said. Her head was light and her body heavy. There was an extra weight on her it felt odd. It was familiar yet not at the same time.

A grunt left her when she couldn’t try and move the extra weight. Her pulse quickened when sudden shouts invaded her ears. Where was she? Who was around her? Why was she here? Isabel’s eyes snapped open. Her vision was filled with the faces of Sax and Jeven. Panic coursed through her; had her family come back to kill her?

When she tried to sit up Sax’s firm hands kept her down, “Whoa, calm down. You need to stay down; your body is still weak.”

“Who are you? Where am I? Are you going to kill me?” Isabel fought against Sax’s hand, but her weak body would not allow her to fight Sax’s hold.

“Kill you? No! We found you in a fever in the slums. We brought you back to our home so you can be healed.”

Abraham walked into the room at that moment, “As for who we are, we are the Razi.”

Isabel looked at Abraham, mouth agape in shock. Never once had she seen a Fire Demon that could rival the size of an Earth Demon. Sure the Fire Demons were the tallest but this male had muscles on him none of his race ever possessed. When her mind caught up with what the Demon had said she felt a small spark of hope in her chest. Sax let go of Isabel when the younger Demon relaxed.

“The Razi? As in the fighters of the Liberation?” Isabel asked hopefully.

“Yes, that Razi.”

Jeven mumbled to himself, “Not like there’s any other Razi…”

“Shut up,” Sax hissed, elbowing Jeven in the stomach.

Abraham chuckled at the three Demons, ah youth had been wondrous. All three looked at him, “Now, now you two that is not the way to act around our guest. Go fetch her some food and water.”

“Oh! Yes of course Abraham, come Jeven!” Sax pulled her companion along with her.

When the two Demon’s left the room Abraham sat down on the chair next to Isabel’s chair with a sigh, “Well, I am Abraham, leader of the Razi. The two Demon’s that left were Sax and Jeven, they are twin siblings. They rescued you and brought you here. Now I would like to ask what your name is and why such a young Demon such as yourself is Nameless?”

Isabel sat up with the help of Abraham, “I am Isabel, I was a part of the Merchant branch of the Svetlana family up until a month ago…I was disowned by the head of my house for killing a guard. He was beating one of the humans; I do not think that is right to treat them like that.”

“You hold a compassion for the humans many of our kind do not. I think you will do well here.”

“Wait, I can stay?”

“Yes, I see something in you, a spark if you will to help our cause. Sax has seen it as well or she would not have saved you. I am sure many will come to see it as well.”

Isabel looked at the Demon in shock before breaking out in a smile. She had a sturdy roof over her head and didn’t have to deal with the constant threat of those around her.
Story for my wonderful friend *001-JeSter-100 project

Prologue --> [link]

Chapter 4 --> [link]
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Ha, I thought you would like him. I thought to make him very fatherly to the others
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Shadows-of-My-Soul Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2013
You spoil me!

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